Web-Push Notification

Why web-push notification ?

4 times the click rate of email.

Send mobile notifications without building your own mobile app.

One-click subscibe, no need to type an email.

BOT resistant ! Get real people to subscribe to you.

Unlike emails, you won’t have to worry that your messages may get lost in their inbox or go to spam.

Reach your customers instantly even when they’re not on your website.

Participate in our open beta !

We a currently tinkering our product to serve different industries and specific niches. If you are interested in trying out our product and give valuable feedback to tailer our product for your industry, we encourage you to participate in our open beta.

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Easier to Send

Much easier to send vs compared to email.

Don't worry about spam filters, email templates or complex email clients. Notify your users with one click using nudge button.

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Easier to Subscribe

One(or optional two) click subscribe for first time visitors.

No need to enter email addresses, worry about typos, junk emails or bots.
Nudge button periodically checks for dead subs and inactive subscribers and removes them from the system.

Nudge Button's Features

Why you choose our platform ?


Nudge Button's notification engine adapts to subscriber location to delever push notifications at ligtining fast sub second speeds.


Nudge Engine is designed and stress tested to handle 100s of thousands of notifications concurretely.
Send notification in a blink of an eye, no matter your size.


The authentication is handeled using AUTH0 sso and you data is secured in safe heavens of Google cloud.


Segment your subscribers based on their location, active time, platform or any other custom parameter. Send hyper-targeted notifications.


Nudge button's JS code is extremely lean as compred to other products in the market. Thus minimally affecting your website load times.

Feedback oriented product

Participate in our open beta to shape the future of nudge button. We'll take your feedback and industry specific feature requests.